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Understanding Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a complex problem with many types, often times categorized by sex or labor trafficking. However, the complexities go beyond those two categories. By addressing each type of trafficking individually and breaking down how each unique model works, we are able to develop strategies needed to dismantle and eradicate them all, one by one.

Did you know that human trafficking has only been illegal in all 50 states for less than a decade? This makes it a relatively new area of law, with local departments doing their best to navigate it. As the experts in the field, Collective Liberty provides data, intelligence, and case studies that highlight local heroes, as well as cutting edge approaches to fighting and stopping the perpetrators.

40,900,000* people trafficked globally in 2018
79,000* minors sex trafficked in Texas alone last year
1,656* prosecutions initiated every year
*These numbers are based on a 2016 university study and the best estimate to this underground problem.

The Human Trafficking Problem

A look at the numbers...

Making matters worse, modern technology is rapidly escalating the problem, as well as exponentially increasing the exploitation of our most vulnerable populations. That is why it is imminent for social service providers, law enforcement agencies, financial institutions and more to receive the proper tools and training needed to level the playing field.

This is where we come in!

Our Solution

Collective Liberty sets itself apart as a leader in the movement against human trafficking with innovative tech-forward solutions. Our proprietary technology interconnects data points across multiple platforms (news media, cutting edge software, partner agencies), affording us the unique capability to produce impactful intelligence reports. In addition, our experienced team provides essential training to share best practices and valuable intel that helps to expedite cases. These resources, along with the expertise of law enforcement agencies, have quickly proven to deliver effective, data-driven results.

Our innovative technology utilizes

  • Natural language processing
  • Machine learning
  • Visualization

Allowing us to uniquely identify & interconnect data points from multiple sources:

  • Public records
  • Partner Agencies
  • Arrest & Prosecution Records
  • Cutting Edge Software

To offer

  • Proprietary Actionable Intelligence
  • Expert Level Training
  • Tailored Survivor Support

Leading to more survivor support and successful prosecutions of traffickers

The Results

With your support, in our first couple years, Collective Liberty:

  • Passed

    31 new laws

  • Stopped

    1.000 traffickers

  • Trained

    3.000 officers on best practices

  • Trained

    3.000 AML professionals on innovative technologies

  • Offered

    Victims Access to 176 social service agencies

How We Do It

Collective Liberty’s proprietary technology and digital ecosystem is designed to offer law enforcement and relevant agencies with in-depth research and data analysis in a quick and effective manner.

Our years of impactful work have proven us to be a trusted resource for training and sharing best practices across key groups. In our approach, we empower those doing the work on the ground by continuously sharing innovative tactics in real time.

Data sharing and collaboration

Collective Liberty helps solve the often-challenging problem of connecting data on a national scale by working across jurisdictions to pull, organize, and share critical evidence. This exhaustive effort allows law enforcement and prosecutors to not only build stronger cases, but also give them vital visibility into connected cases across the country.

Actionable intelligence

Collective Liberty consolidates information from a variety of public and private sources, including public websites, arrest/prosecution records, Freedom of Information Act records, Corporate Data, and Law Enforcement. Our advanced machine learning algorithms and software identity and present actionable information to our partners in Law Enforcement both domestically and aboard. Corporate partners ThetaRay and Wolfram Analytics support this analysis.

Social services

Human traffickers operate across city, county, and state lines. Therefore, the social service support available to victims must be networked across geographic boundaries as well. Collective Liberty works with survivors and social service agencies to facilitate national communities of practice that can assist victims through their criminal justice investigations. This allows law enforcement to work on building their cases and arresting traffickers, while social service agencies can focus on identifying and supporting the victims.